Le Pops




Pops* $3.95 each. 15% discount for orders of 15-49 pops. 20% for 50+ pops. For self-serve events, pops come individually packaged with the flavors handwritten on the bags. Payment required for all pops ordered. We will provide insulated bags for leftovers.

Delivery Free up to 5 miles. $20 each trip within a 5-10 mile radius. Outside a 10 mile radius, $20 plus 50 cents per mile. Use of a poptender requires one delivery trip charge. Dropping off and picking up a freezer requires two delivery trip charges.

Freezer Rental is free of charge

Flavor Board is included

Market Umbrella is available at no charge for outside events

We kindly ask for 48 hours notice for all catering events!


Chocolate Dips 50 cents per dip.

Choose two- Dark, Milk, or White.

Coatings 50 cents per coat

Oreo crumbs

Caramelized Almonds

Toasted Coconut


Homemade Graham Crumbs

Chocolate Sprinkles

*Prices do not include tax on pops, chocolate dips and coatings. Delivery and poptender fees are not taxed.

**Poptender $20 per hour (required for on-site dipping and coating.) Available until 10:00 p.m.

***Pops may be dipped or dipped and coated at the shop if a poptender is not needed.